Jeanette aan de Stegge is a Dutch artist who recently moved back to her country after having lived abroad for many years. She specializes in portraits in oil on canvas. Her style is realistic and she uses the techniques of the old masters; multi-layering with a contemporary aspect.
As she wants to come as close to reality as possible, she emphasizes on the look in one’s eyes, the expression in the face and the movement of the body. This way, she shows what’s inside; giving the spectator a glimpse of the character and personality of the person. Jeanette does not want her paintings to be static, but filled with emotion and vividness.
Her award winning work has been on display at various expositions and galleries in both Europe and Mexico. She has portrayed (children of) several celebrities and captains of industry in different countries, amongst whom Dutch tv host Caroline Tensen, Dutch singer René Froger (for whom she also made the cover illustration of his CD ‘Pure’), Mexican singer Luis Miguel, French former captain of PSG football club Frederic Dehu and many more art lovers who like to stay unknown.
She participated in “Proeven van Kunst” by designing plates for restaurants Villa Couvert in Oisterwijk, Holland and Chalet Royal in Den Bosch, Holland.

Proeven van Kunst

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Chalet Royal